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The Awakening-Affiliate Funnel Mastery ($27 Value)

Sponsored By:
kayode Steve

This is a unique system that banks a total newbie $214.83 per hour using FREE traffic.

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Instant Traffic Shortcut ($297 Value)

Sponsored By:
Igor Kheifets

Free Workshop! How to generate 500 virgin leads per day (that actually want to buy stuff) without touching your computer

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Maverick Membership - 1 Full Year FREE ($468 Value)

Sponsored By:
Paul Finck

Do you want to create more time, freedom, joy, in your life? How about a ton more money? Are you in business for yourself? ... Or want to be? Join the Maverick Membership for ongoing support, training, and resources. Live Calls every month with Paul Finck!  New material added every month! Someone available when you need the help the most!  

You will have monthly access to: 

Maverick Connection™ ~ Monthly Forum Call where The Maverick Millionaire answers your urgent nagging questions about your business, personal life, health, the Do It Different webinar trainings or any other topic where you need assistance;

Maverick Resources ~ Tap into the same resources my students and I use every day to live like a Maverick! Find the right tools for your business to keep your business productive and profitable;

Maverick Moments™ ~ 365 expressions, quotes, and lessons to live by sent out to you daily;

Your Question Bank – Get answers to your question and see the answers others have received all in Maverick Central;

Maverick Trainings ~ Access to our Level one archives of high level trainings and coaching.  Over 50 TRAININGS available to you immediately;

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Healing With Confidence ($47 Value)

Sponsored By:
Tim Dill

Are you struggling with the fact that you really don't know anything about getting your soul in shape? You have to learn to pay attention to the Divine Voice inside and learn to trust it.

This eBook is a simple straightforward solution that will help you to attain greatness and realize your success.

Inside, you will learn about:

- Mindfulness Exercises

- Intentional Prayer

- Words of Spiritual Encouragement

- Day-to-Day Affirmation

- Communities

- Spiritual Cleansing

- many other useful things!

With great power comes great,responsibility. Once you know the secrets in this amazing series, there is no going back.

It's time to get moving toward developing success in your self growth!

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21 Winning Mind Hacks ($47 Value)

Sponsored By:
Alan Zhuang

In this FREE eBook (worth $47), you'll discover:

1. How to plan and create the future you want in your life

2. How to set goals and maximize your potential

3. How to define your values and live an authentic life

4. How to do daily reflection and review to constantly improve yourself

5. and MORE

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7 Effective Ways To Overcome Adversity ($149 Value)

Sponsored By:
Jasmine Loh

Find Out How I Survived a Sudden Stroke by Receiving My 7 Effective Ways to Overcome Adversity eBook (worth $47) for FREE. And be the Boss of Your Life Now!

Learn the hack of counting your victories with effective way #5 to remain positive in negative situations more readily and fight against them!

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101 Negativity Killer Ebook ($47 Value)

Sponsored By:
Loki Ong

"How would you like to Receive My 101 Negativity Killer eBook (worth $47) for Free and Purposefully Use the Tricks to lead a positive life by eliminating all Negativity ?" -Enable you to overcome fear, build your self-confidence and develop an positive mind-set -Inspire you to achieve your ideal dream -Help you to easily eliminate negativity so as to bring everything you’ve always wanted into your life!

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11 Reasons Why Your Uniqueness is Beautiful ($38 Value)

Sponsored By:
Yeanshin Ng

This e-book has been written to share personal development and true life learning about growing and living an awesome life. Believe in the power of giving love to light up the hopes in others.

Believe in sharing of life lessons to make others come to life. The vision of this eBook is more for sharing.

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DFY Startup Business Magnet ($97 Value)

Sponsored By:
Alan Magliocca

Install Alan Magliocca's Profit-pulling Funnel in just 1 Click! Video Training & Traffic Resources Included to Make Sure YOU Succeed Within Just DAYS!

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$1.8 Million Dollar Clickbank Strategy ($197 Value)

Sponsored By:
Robby Blanchard

In this case study video I share my strategy for how I was able to generate $1.8 million dollars in the first 4 months of the year on Clickbank and become their #1 Affiliate in the world AND how you can use this method to make $1k/day. 

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140 Contributions
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